How to make cocopeat

Coconut coir is left outside a few days exposed to heat and rain, so that tannins can be reduced / lost naturally.
  •             Wet coconut coir so that it is not too hard when cut into pieces
  •             Once moistened then coconut coir is ready to be cut small.
  •             Then dry coconut coir that has been cut into pieces to make it easier to mash
  •             Puree coconut coir in a blender, pounded or so on
  •             Siss / strain the coconut coir that has been mashed to make it even smoother.
  •             The rest of the sying that is still rough can be smoothed again or made coconut coir mole.
  •             Coconut coir/cocopeat that has been finely soaked with mol mixed water for one day (24 hours)
  •             1 liter of water is mixed with 50 cc moles of rabbit urine and 100cc moles of rice laundry.
  •             This immersion method aims to make the nutrients in the planting medium more complete.
  •             Stir until evenly then cover and keep in the shade for 1 day / 24 hours
  •             After 24 hours of straining coconut coir to reduce soaking water, there is no need to be too tight because coconut coir is used as a seeding medium.

Thus a brief explanation of the benefits of cocopeat for agriculture, hopefully be an inspiration, add insight and useful for you.

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