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Hi. I'm dr. Brian Young, and naturopathic doctor here in Toronto, will be presenting a series of videos related to different types of weight loss on this channel. So, subscribe, if you're interested in learning more full disclosure, I'm not being sponsored by any supplement companies. I'll be speaking from the experience of many of my weight loss patients, who have used glucomannan and shed some light to what you might expect. If you use glucomannan yourself,


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glucomannan also known as cognac, fiber or Kanye, Jackfruit is a type of dietary soluble fiber. It's even for weight loss in numerous forms like as a pill or capsule as a powder dissolved water or as the main ingredient of shirataki noodles, like many soluble fibers, the primary way it helps with weight loss is by suppressing your appetite by creating bulk in the stomach when mixed with liquid and by filling your stomach up without significantly adding more calories to your diet. Another way it may help is by feeding and helping to cultivate good gut bacteria. Tyria, since some research suggests that unhealthy gut bacteria is associated with weight gain and obesity compared to other soluble fibers like wheat, bran or cilia. Glucomannan is somewhat unique in that it appears to have the highest proportion of soluble fiber. This means that when it's dissolved in liquid, glucomannan tends to be thicker and hold more water. This property makes glucomannan an ideal soluble fiber, to create this


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appetite suppressing, bulk Enos in the stomach side, Effects glucomannan is usually pretty well tolerated. However, some people will experience mild gastrointestinal, disturbances things like extra gas bloating or mild abdominal pain, some people become constipated. However, this particular issue is often fixed by simply drinking more water, or reducing the dose of glucomannan Taken gastro, intestinal obstructions, and blockages are possible. When taking a soluble fiber supplement, like glucomannan. So if you have medical issues, that put you at risk of an Action. Like abdominal. Surgeries are Crohn's disease? Make sure you check with your doctor before you try it. Is it effective. If used with a complete weight loss protocol, it can be helpful specifically to suppress appetite and reduce overeating use by itself. Glucomannan is unfortunately, not very effective for weight loss. In my experience, proper usage is important. For example, it needs to be dosed. Sufficiently with most studies


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using anywhere from three to five grams per day in. Divided doses. It should also be consumed with your meals. Keep in mind, glucomannan is a bulking agent that suppresses appetite. This means there needs to be enough to bulk out your stomach and used to ultimately reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal. Should you do it? Remember that? Glucomannan is just an appetite suppressant. This means that it should be used in combination with a proper weight loss, diet to manage hunger, and help patients feel Fuller quicker. I prefer using other dietary behaviors. Zero and lifestyle interventions for Hunger control. As they tend to produce more permanent results. Things like training yourself to eat slower and properly differentiating between hunger and Cravings. However, if you're still finding it difficult to control hunger and tend to overeat, you might find glucomannan a useful temporary tool, to help you feel Fuller. It's important to keep in mind that the type of fullness experienced


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by glucomannan may be very different from what you might experience from say a filling, He dinner many of my patients report that the type of fullness from glucomannan is more of a gross, almost kind of nauseating feeling that stops them from eating rather than the warm. Satisfying, fullness you get from a large meal, let me know in the comments down below. If you have any experiences with glucomannan, you'd like to share, and if you found this video helpful, please leave me a like as before I'm dr. Brian Young, bring you weight loss info on this channel. Subscribe and hit the notification about if you're interested in learning more and share with selling, you know, can use the help.


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