Is Konjac the future of health food?

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Hello and welcome to taste. We are in konjac deals. This root vegetable has grown here in Japan for centuries and more recently. Its popular with Europeans keys to keep an eye on their physique and health their Silhouettes and the health Thierry was on your a michelin-starred French chef in Japan. Why we seeing this rebuff or cognac? Precisely because it's a very healthy product. You, what's good for the body is good for the mind.


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Let's meet the farmer. Let's go. It's the rainy season in the gunma province, the primary producer of konjac located in the center of Japan when we meet mr. Canby, just wanted to do. So what are we looking for in this class? And it's not the leaves that we eat. It's the Bold it's underground. You know what? How about the moment it is still small because the season the Harvest will take place in October or November. It will then be about the size.


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Do you want to come to my house to eat? Let's go.


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Konjac is a health food present in many Japanese meals. It's usually made in to do and then cut into thin strips, konjac is fiber, rich and offers a feeling of satiety, although it is almost calorie-free. Good for us as mr. Campbell's wife and mother prepared us a generous tasting.


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The texture, the texture, the tasty after Japanese, we call it. Yes, a she a g. It's a friendly taste. There's no aggressiveness at all. Here. It's nice and only eating it makes you feel that. It's good for health. Funny isn't it? Thierry was our returns to Tokyo. We stay in the konjac region, the root vegetable is used in many ways as shown in this Supermarket, which is dedicated to it. Even when I eat a lot, it doesn't make me get fat. The help here, we find konjac based, but especially transformed, konjac, popcorn ice cream, noodles, or even rice flour. Not thorny overall. It's very good for people with diabetes. It helps lower the calorie intake


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my toys so they build it zero. Sugar, almost zero calories, konjac answers. Well, to a certain Trend, it's a very healthy food, it's good for the body, so that's why I'm sure it'll have more and more. Success konnyaku. Yes.


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