Does Glucomannan “Super-Fiber” Promote Weight Loss?

Howdy, I'm dr. Mark Faris, and I am dedicated to separating fact, from fiction, regarding topics of exercise and healthy eating glucomannan, the famous super fiber. Got a major boost in 2015, when a review promoted its benefit in weight loss, but is this claim fact or fiction glucomannan sponge-like effect in the digestive tract? Most likely comes from the overly hyped, ingredient called a Morpho phallus. Konjac it contains a fiber. It dissolves in water and ferment somewhat like yeast in the:. This substance is taken from an elephant yam. Native to Asia, glucomannan has been endorsed by many as the super fiber because it can reportedly absorb fifty percent of its weight in water. So it creates a massive effect of this. Thick sticky gel like mass that forms in the stomach. If you've ever seen what happens when you put water in a glass with either Metamucil or psyllium husk, this is a similar effect. T'. Now, imagine or not this gel like Mass eking its way through your stomach intestines

and colon the claims regard, glucomannan is absorption of water and its proposed abilities to one. Provide a sense of fullness, bulk up, food in your gut so you cannot eat as much thus reducing your energy intake or lowering the weight ratio of food much like vegetables do already. Well, the height for glucomannan became extraordinary when a review appeared to show in favor Of it for weight loss. However, soon after the publication, the authors were made aware of some errors in the manuscript and had to send in a letter to the editor to fix these Corrections in the letter, the author state after correction, with the new data, it turned out that. After 2 weeks, there is a statistically significant difference in favor of the placebo and in line with previously reported results. No, statistically significant difference in effect. After eight weeks is Curved similar to the difference in weight loss between study groups BMI change seemed to have little clinical significance, due to very small

values, in spite of the reported statistically significant effect. So in summary, this review, found that glucomannan was not more effective than a placebo, no differences in the change in body fat, total fat mass and waist and hip circumference alongside no differences in perceived appetite or G intake with a 12-week intervention. I recommend that we enjoy the many wonderful benefits of fiber through beans flax vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and fruit, start slowly, and shoot for around. 25 to 45 grams of fiber per day. So the claim that glucomannan is a super fiber essentially needs clarification. However, the claim that glucomannan will promote large amounts of weight loss is busted



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