Does Glucomannan “Super-Fiber” Promote Weight Loss?

Howdy, I'm dr. Mark Faris, and I am dedicated to separating fact, from fiction, regarding topics of exercise and healthy eating glucomannan, the famous super fiber. Got a major boost in 2015, when a review promoted its benefit in weight loss, but is this claim fact or fiction glucomannan sponge-like effect in the digestive tract? Most likely comes from the overly hyped, ingredient called a Morpho phallus. Konjac it contains a fiber. It dissolves in water and ferment somewhat like yeast in the:. This substance is taken from an elephant yam. Native to Asia, glucomannan has been endorsed by many as the super fiber because it can reportedly absorb fifty percent of its weight in water. So it creates a massive effect of this. Thick sticky gel like mass that forms in the stomach. If you've ever seen what happens when you put water in a glass with either Metamucil or psyllium husk, this is a similar effect. T'. Now, imagine or not this gel like Mass eking its way through your stoma

Konjac for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Supplements

Hi. I'm dr. Brian Young, and naturopathic doctor here in Toronto, will be presenting a series of videos related to different types of weight loss on this channel. So, subscribe, if you're interested in learning more full disclosure, I'm not being sponsored by any supplement companies. I'll be speaking from the experience of many of my weight loss patients, who have used glucomannan and shed some light to what you might expect. If you use glucomannan yourself,   00:00:26     Speaker 1 glucomannan also known as cognac, fiber or Kanye, Jackfruit is a type of dietary soluble fiber. It's even for weight loss in numerous forms like as a pill or capsule as a powder dissolved water or as the main ingredient of shirataki noodles, like many soluble fibers, the primary way it helps with weight loss is by suppressing your appetite by creating bulk in the stomach when mixed with liquid and by filling your stomach up without significantly adding more calories to your diet.

What Is Glucomannan?

  I will be addressing today is what is glucomannan. Glucomannan is a supplement, it is a water soluble dietary fiber. That comes from a particular plant called the konjac root and it is very useful as a bulking agent for the digestive tract. So bulking Absorb water, that's what they do.  They make up for the fact that we may not have enough dietary fiber in our diets. So this can be very useful for constipation if the bowels aren't moving properly because of a lack of fiber very appropriate for people with some form of chronic bowel disease at times. In terms of wanting, the bowels to move in a more regular manner. That's what glucomannan is is used for basically be a booking agent and a source of dietary fiber and that's what I have to say about that.  

Is Konjac the future of health food?

00:00:10     Speaker 1 Hello and welcome to taste. We are in konjac deals. This root vegetable has grown here in Japan for centuries and more recently. Its popular with Europeans keys to keep an eye on their physique and health their Silhouettes and the health Thierry was on your a michelin-starred French chef in Japan. Why we seeing this rebuff or cognac? Precisely because it's a very healthy product. You, what's good for the body is good for the mind.   00:00:37     Speaker 1 Let's meet the farmer. Let's go. It's the rainy season in the gunma province, the primary producer of konjac located in the center of Japan when we meet mr. Canby, just wanted to do. So what are we looking for in this class? And it's not the leaves that we eat. It's the Bold it's underground. You know what? How about the moment it is still small because the season the Harvest will take place in October or November. It will then be about the size.   00:01:11     Speak

How to make cocopeat

Coconut coir is left outside a few days exposed to heat and rain, so that tannins can be reduced / lost naturally.             Wet coconut coir so that it is not too hard when cut into pieces             Once moistened then coconut coir is ready to be cut small.             Then dry coconut coir that has been cut into pieces to make it easier to mash             Puree coconut coir in a blender, pounded or so on             Siss / strain the coconut coir that has been mashed to make it even smoother.             The rest of the sying that is still rough can be smoothed again or made coconut coir mole.             Coconut coir/cocopeat that has been finely soaked with mol mixed water for one day (24 hours)             1 liter of water is mixed with 50 cc moles of rabbit urine and 100cc moles of rice laundry.             This immersion method aims to make the nutrients in the planting medium more complete.             Stir until evenly then cover and keep in the shade for 1 day / 24 hours

coco peat soft black organic soil

I'm not sure how I feel about this stuff. It smells like the bottom of a pond, but it has some good benefits for your soil. Maybe I'll try planting something in my garden to test it out? Conclusion paragraph: Looking for a natural way to improve your garden? Pond scum may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The benefits of pond scum are numerous, including that it can help plants grow faster and stronger by adding nutrients back into the soil. If you want to give this stuff a try yourself, we recommend starting small with one plant in a pot or container before planting anything out in your yard where there would be more impact on the environment. We also have some other great tips about how to use biochar as fertilizer which you should read up on if interested! What do you think so far? Does this seem like something worth trying out at home? Let us know what results you get from using pond scum? For those who are looking to get into growing their own food, planting coco pe